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Monday, October 13, 2008

DOK F "Fulvic Mineral" The Miraculous Food For The Cell

In the Beginning
In the beginning the earth was blessed with optimum organic growing conditions. The rich humus soil was teaming with millions of beneficial microbes that created Fulvic. The vegetation was lush and abundant, which is evidenced by ancient remains that geologists call humic deposits.
Many people don’t realize that plants cannot uptake undissolved minerals directly from the soil. The molecules are too large to use. In Mother Nature’s original plan, the beneficial microbes working at the roots of plants and trees create what we call Fulvic to dissolve the large mineral molecules. The Fulvic then assists the plants in up-taking this dissolved mineral rich substance.
With the help of Fulvic, minerals in the soil and a little sunshine, these healthy plants are able to manufacture vitamins. The excess Fulvic that wasn’t used by the plants washed down into the drinking water, giving an extra dose of Fulvic, dissolved minerals and vitamins to all who enjoyed it. A healthy life was sustained for these ancient civilizations because their water was rich in Fulvic and dissolved complexed minerals, and their fruits and vegetables were nutrient rich.
And all was well with Mother Nature’s plan, until Man discovered that NPK fertilizer would force the quantity and size of food crops. Unfortunately, like pesticides and chemicals, NPK also kills the microbes in the soil that manufacture Fulvic. The downside of throwing off the natural balance of minerals was ignored, and raising healthy plants took a backseat to raising big, beautiful “looking” and profitable crops. Without the protection and nourishment of Fulvic, diseases attack the plants … which necessitates the use of chemical pesticides that further destroy any beneficial microbes that may have be lingering.
Because of this revolving cycle of chemical use in today’s farming, most diets don’t provide the amount of Fulvic needed to sustain health. Without Fulvic, plants, animals nor people are able to assimilate minerals, vitamins or other nutrients, leading to the epidemic of disease that modern man experiences.
The Benefits of Fulvic in Today’s World
Complexed Fulvic Minerals are not Toxic Heavy Metals
Cells have the ability to accept or reject minerals, including aluminum, lead, arsenic, mercury, etc., at their discretion when presented as organic, dissolved and complexed substances. When metals, minerals and trace elements become complexed into Fulvic, they take on an entirely new property of availability, unlike their original form.
Many organic minerals are not used to “nourish” cells, but instead, are needed to act as electrodes in the fulvic electrolyte solution. In that capacity they are most essential for bio-reactions, electron transfer, catalytic reactions and transmutations. Without them you may be missing many of the bio-reactions they enable. Modern Farming Destroys Fulvic
Gone are the Minerals
In the beginning, our naturally fertile soils contained adequate amounts of humic and Fulvic produced by microbes within the soil. They delivered nutrients and minerals to the plants.
Largely, modern agriculture has one goal – to product an abundance of attractive, saleable products. Since the farmer is paid by the bushel, yield is more important than nutritional content. To control the diseases that are a by-product of sick soil and forced yield, excessive amounts of nitrate fertilizers are applied to the soil … a practice of fertilization that stunts and destroys the vital microorganisms that are essential in creating the Fulvic that converts minerals to plant nutrients.
Sick Soils = Sick Plants = Sick People
When microbes are depleted from the soils, inorganic minerals cannot be converted into the organic minerals needed by plants. Excessive use of nitrate fertilizer inhibits the formation of normal plant proteins and stimulates an over-abundance of unused amino acids that attracts insects.
Since pests were created to eat diseased plants, sicker and sicker farm crops increase the food supplies for insects, leading to increased infestation. The farmer’s reaction is to apply more pesticides and fungicides to save his infested crop. This in turn inhibits or destroys even more vital microorganisms that are essential in converting minerals to plant nutrients.
As a nation of consumers eating this inadequate food, we are creating widespread mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Your body has little chance of maintaining good health year after year if it is consistently deprived of the tools it needs for proper function and to keep itself well.
Although it seems that many diseases appear suddenly, the sad truth is they are the result of years of deficiency that could have easily been reversed through proper nutrition and supplying adequate Fulvic. Disease starts at a cellular level long before any serious symptoms appear.
The Vitamin Connection
Increased dosages of vitamins and minerals to treat many human and animal ailments have been advocated by leading researchers for decades. However, it is crucial to remember that vitamins cannot complete their function in the cell’s metabolism without the presence of the appropriate and specific mineral co-factors and Fulvic.
Therefore it is crucial that all the vitamins, all the minerals and Fulvic are provided in a base line supplement in order to receive consistent, significant results. Additional individual supplements can be added as needed.
As a base line nutrient Fulvic Acid Minerals is unparraleled! When taking Fulvic Mineral Complex
all other nutrients will be assisted in the ability to funciion at their highest potential.
Cell Wall Permeability and Absorption
One of the strongest advantages of Fulvic Acid Minerals is its liquid form. Absorption of a liquid greatly exceeds traditional tablet or capsule supplements, because absorption starts in the mouth. Sensors in the mouth determine what digestive enzymes are needed to process the food or liquid being consumed. By the time that substance travels down the esophagus and reaches the stomach, digestion, absorption and utilization are well underway. As with any nutrient or supplement, the only way your body can benefit is if it is absorbed. Fulvic enhances this digestive process with all foods, herbs, and supplements.
Fulvic makes elemental minerals and vitamins more absorbable by complexing them (refines, purifies, combines and re-refines) into organic, ionic forms that are easily transported into and through membranes and cell walls. Once the nutrients meld into the Fulvic complex, they become bioactive and bio-available.
Free Radicals
Free-radicals are highly reactive molecules or fragments of molecules that contain one or more unpaired electrons. They circulate through the body causing great damage as they bond to and injure tissue. In addition to destroying tissue, they magnify the probability that injured cells will become susceptible to a great number of infections and diseases … or mutate and cause cancer.
If a healthy body is your goal, then you must take action to protect yourself against free-radical attacks. Dramatic increases of free-radicals in our air, food and water in recent years have put a tremendous strain on the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Our first line of defense against free-radicals is a generous supply of free-radical scavengers, called antioxidants. Fulvic is the most powerful and versatile anti oxidant known to science.
According to Chen Y Sesei and M Schnitzer, Fulvic has the ability to dramatically reduce the oxidative effects of free-radicals. This means Fulvic could potentially help your body ward off disorders such as cancer, premature aging, wrinkling of the skin and arthritis … all of which are thought to be hastened by oxidation.
Fulvic- the There are three identified categories of free-radicals, and numerous identified free-radical scavengers. Each one of the free-radical scavengers eradicate a different category of free-radicals. Without Fulvic, its very complicated to get the correct free radical scavenger in the correct amount.
Super Antioxidant
For an antioxidant to bind to a free-radical, the antioxidant molecule must have unpaired electrons of equal and opposite charge to that of the unpaired electrons of the free radical.
The beauty of Fulvic is that it is a bi-directional super antioxidant that carries both a negative and a positive charge. It can act as an acceptor or a donor in the creation of electrochemical balance. If it encounters free-radicals with unpaired positive electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite negative charge to neutralize the bad effects of the free radicals. Likewise, if the free-radicals carry a negative charge, the Fulvic molecule can supply positive unpaired electrons to nullify that charge. Fulvic is such a powerful, natural electrolyte that it can eradicate any form of free radical.

Don’t confuse Fulvic minerals with colloidal minerals…
You may be familiar with the term “colloidal minerals”. In reality, colloidal mineral molecules are too large to readily pass through cell walls, and therefore offer limited benefits. It is important to make this distinction when purchasing a mineral product or you could miss out on the tremendous benefits of fulvic. Scientists have found that fulvic is the element that makes minerals absorbable, which gives it the ability to make a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict us today.

What does Fulvic do in the body?...
The fulvic molecule prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other.
When Fulvic is present in the body, nutrients are dissolved into the simplest ionic form and disappear into the fulvic structure. Most of the benefits we receive from nutrients occur are due to their co-factor reactions with each other. Fulvic offers tremendous benefits because it enhances these reactions.

Fulvic makes all nutrients more absorbable...
Fulvic makes vitamins and elemental minerals (metallic and clay based minerals) more absorbable by complexing them (refines, purifies, combines and re-refines) into organic, ionic forms that are easily transported into and through membranes and cell walls. Once the nutrients are dissolved and complexed by the fulvic electrolyte, they become bio-chemically reactive, bio-available, mobile, and readily absorbable. This means you get greater benefit from all your nutrients, whatever the source, when fulvic is present.

Fulvic transports nutrients right into the cells...
It can often transport many times its weight in dissolved nutrients and elements. Fulvic is so powerful that one single fulvic molecule is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells.

Fulvic makes cell walls more permeable...
It makes cell walls more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allowing waste to leave the cells more readily. One of the strongest advantages of fulvic minerals is that absorption greatly exceeds traditional tablet supplements. As with any nutrient or supplement, the only way your body can benefit, is if it is absorbed. Fulvic enhances this process.

Fulvic increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity...
It quickly destroys acid in the body fluids which helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. A lack of blood oxygen is a major contributing factor for acidity. Excess body acidity is associated with virtually all degenerative diseases; including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, tooth decay, sleep disturbances, depressive disorders, and more.

Fulvic changes the pattern of metabolism of carbohydrates...
It also intensifies the metabolism of proteins, and has been shown to stimulate the immune system.

Fulvic improves enzyme development...
Research has shown that fulvic improves enzymatic reactions in cells and produces maximum stimulation of enzyme development. Enzymes are responsible for over 300 complex reactions in the body. They are the life force behind vitamins and minerals. A lack of digestive enzymes can overstress the digestive system, leading to the malabsorption of nutrients.

Fulvic is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant known to science at this time...
Free radicals circulate throughout the body, injuring tissue and making cells susceptible to infections, diseases, or worst of all, cancer causing mutations. Fulvic bonds to these free radicals, transforming them into organic, usable substances, or if the cell is too damaged, it is flushed out of the body.

Fulvic is a powerful de-toxer...
Fulvic has the ability to complex and remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system. It can either alter them into usable compounds or eliminate them as waste. It detoxifies pollutants, including herbicides, radioactive elements, and toxic metals, by binding to these substances and flushing them out of the body, if unable to convert them.

Fulvic has antibiotic properties...
Although fulvics are not antibiotics in the technical sense of the word, as prescription drugs are, their antibiotic like effect is comparable to the power of penicillin in equally small amounts. Unlike antibiotics, fulvic can be used indefinitely without creating any antibiotic resistant strains of disease which are common problems with pharmaceutical drugs. People with healthy lifestyles and eating habits, who take fulvic on a consistent basis, report that they rarely get colds or the flu, and suffer very little from allergies.

An extensive number of studies show that Humic extracts, specifically Fulvic, effectively and safely kill the HIV / Aids virus...
In fact, one pharmaceutical company has patented a humic based drug that purifies blood for transfusions, killing the HIV virus without damaging blood cells.

Especially pleasing to the parents of asthmatic children is the powerful and immediate effect Fulvic therapy produces. New research by Dr. David L. Hahn of Dean Medical Center, Madison, Wisconsin, shows that asthma patients have been found to have a high level of antibodies for Chlamydia pneumonia, which seems to be a common denominator among asthma sufferers. Comprehensive hospital studies show that humic extracts (fulvic and plant derived minerals) are more effective than conventional drug therapy for asthma, respiratory tract viruses, retroviruses, influenza viruses and even the common cold and flu viruses.

Fulvic’s function is to balance and energize all cell life and biological properties it comes in contact with...
Because fulvic carries both a negative and a positive charge, it energizes cells, and can behave as an electron donor or acceptor, depending on the need. If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and electrical potential, we have given cells life, where death and disintegration would normally occur. What if the newly energized cells belong to a liver, a heart, or a the thyroid? Those organs could have the potential to function at peak performance. Scientists believe disease is rampant today because people are so deficient in fulvic and the minerals, trace elements, and nutrients it contains.

Although it isn’t advertised as a weight loss product, a great side benefit is that many people report losing excess weight after starting to take fulvic...
Because mineral deficiency cravings are diminished, people naturally eat less, and don’t crave breads, pastas, and sweets as much...which allows body weight to balance naturally.

More on heavy metal build-up...
Because fulvic minerals are organic, they will not build up in the body tissues, as do metallic and clay based minerals. When presented as organic fulvic complexes, cells have the ability to accept or reject minerals, including aluminum, lead, arsenic, mercury, etc., at their discretion. It should be considered though that these minerals may not necessarily be present to “nourish” cells, but are needed to act as “electrodes” in the fulvic electrolyte solution. In that capacity they are probably most essential for bio-reactions, electron transfer, catalytic reactions and transmutations.

It is obvious that when metals, minerals and trace elements become complexed into fulvic, they take on an entirely new property of availability, unlike their original form. It is when fulvic is not present that one should seriously worry about toxic buildup from any source.

How is Fulvic Acid Formed in Nature?...
Fulvic is created by microbial activity at the roots of plants. Its function is to dissolve, and convert the metallic and clay based mineral molecules that are in soils, into a form that is usable by plants, animals and people. Once the minerals are dissolved, plants uptake, through their root system, the powerful fulvic substance that is loaded with dissolved minerals and trace elements. Supplements high in fulvic come from ancient deposits of lush plant matter that were buried millions of years ago before chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances ever existed. The fulvic strength of today’s plant derived mineral products depends on the fulvic concentration of its source. Fulvic content varies from deposit to deposit similar to the way minerals are found in veins throughout the world. The veins in New Mexico that furnish our product are some of the most sought after in the world for Fulvic Acid and Humic content!

Fulvic is no longer readily available in today’s plants...
because chemicals and pesticides kill the microorganisms that create fulvic. Because of our current farming practices, this essential natural process has basically stopped. When the fulvic microorganisms in soil are destroyed, plants are not able to take the undissolved metallic and clay minerals into their root systems. The minerals remain in their original inorganic form in the soil, and our plants become mineral deficient. To complicate matters, the mineral content of our soils is extremely low right now. Farm lands have been overused and minerals are not being replaced the way nature intended. Even organic foods can be deficient because of our depleted soils. Scientists feel this could account for the dramatic rise in health problems that plague our “fulvic starved” society. Foods with high fulvic content are very difficult to obtain, making it essential that we supplement our diets with this essential molecule.

In summary...
Fulvic is an immense arsenal pf powerful phytochemicals, biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, nutrients, enzymes, hormones, amino acids, antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals. By adding this unique molecule to all our liquid products we have increased absorption and bio-availability, making them some of the most effective products on the market today.
Fulvic – Nature’s Miracle Molecule
Fulvic (not to be confused with folic acid) is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. Although it’s healing benefits have been known and used for centuries in some parts of the world, modern scientists and doctors are just starting to recognize it’s extraordinary potential. Fulvic has always occurred naturally in organic plants and soils, but is only recently being used by those who understand it’s amazing benefits. At Vital-Earth Minerals, we have seen a dramatic increase in interest from the general public, health care professionals and leading health food stores.
Fulvic can balance and energize the cell life and biological properties it comes into contact with. If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and electrical potential, we have given cells life where death and disintegration would normally occur.
Researchers have known for years that at least 90 nutrients are needed to maintain optimum health. These nutrients include a minimum of 59 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. But eating good tasting food and swallowing a lot of vitamin pills does not guarantee absorption or utilization of these vital nutrients. When the body does not absorb nutrients from food or supplements, the door is open for disease.
Scientists have found that Fulvic is the element that makes nutrients absorbable, resulting in a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict us today. They call it the elixir of life and theorize that without it nothing would live.
Fulvic – The Miracle Molecule
“If I had to chose between the liquid mineral and electricity, electricity would have to go.”
Dr. Clyde Sandgrin
Fulvic is called Nature’s Miracle Molecule because it does so many things … it wears so many hats. Benefit claims are a little short of astonishing. For internal use they are:
• Increased energy
• It’s a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger
• Chelates heavy metals and body toxins, removing them from the system
• Makes cell walls more permeable and transports nutrients into the cells
• Extends the time nutrients remain active – increasing the availability of essential nutrients
• Increases metabolism of proteins, contributing to DNA and RNA synthesis
• It’s a powerful natural electrolyte
• Restores electrochemical balance
• Increases activity of enzyme systems
• Helps rebuild and stimulate the immune system
• Increases bioavailability of nutrients
• Dissolves and complexes minerals in the soil making them bio-available
• Prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other
• Increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity
• It has antibiotic properties
Reported beneficial claims for external use:
• Treating open wounds, cuts and abrasions
• Healing burns with minimum pain or scarring
• Killing pathogens responsible for athletes foot
• Acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide
• Treating rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites
• Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak
The agricultural benefits of Fulvic have enormous potential to heal soils of the world and neutralize radioactive and toxic wastes. It also decreases the need for antibiotic use in feed lot animals and birds, increasing healthy growth. Outstanding Chelator
Because of Fulvic’s low molecular weight, it has the ability to readily dissolve and bond minerals and nutritional elements into its molecular structure. Nutrients that have been chelated by Fulvic are in an ideal natural form to interact with and be absorbed by living cells. Fulvic is so powerful that one Fulvic molecule is capable of carrying 60 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells.
Supercharged Electrolyte, Ferocious Free Radical Scavenger and Antioxidant
It has been said that cellular electrical energy is the life force of the body. Cells disintegrate and die when electrical energy is reduced. It is believed that electrical and chemical balances within the cell can be created and controlled by electrolytes … the body’s mini battery chargers.
Scientists tell us Fulvic is one of the most powerful natural electrolytes known to man. The supercharged Fulvic molecules balance cellular life … restoring the electrical potential that was once normal to the cell by charging, regenerating, regulating and delivering their living energies to the living cells.
Fulvic maintains the ideal environment for dissolved mineral complexes, elements and cells to bio-react electrically with one another causing electron transfer, catalytic reactions and transmutations into new minerals. It helps with human enzyme production, hormone structures, and is necessary for the utilization of vitamins. It has been found necessary for metabolic processes.
It is also one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers known. It has the unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons and render free radicals harmless. It can either alter them into new useable compounds or eliminate them as waste. Fulvic can similarly scavenge heavy metals and detoxify pollutants.
Fulvic Mineral Complexs are Better than True Colloidal Minerals
True colloidal minerals by themselves are not readily useable by cells. It is the Fulvic in conjunction with minerals that makes them effective. Many colloidal minerals on the market contain a small amount of Fulvic, which is responsible for any results they may produce.
Fulvic Mineral Complex contains a proprietary blend of 194 mg. of 68 to 74 plant derived ionic minerals in their unaltered, organic form. The fulvic in this product complexes and dissolves the organic minerals into an ionic solution, making them bio-available for absorption.

Ingredients: Fulvic and Purified Water (chlorine free)

Mineral List:
Antimony, Barium, Beryllium, Bismuth, Boron, Bromine, Calcium, Carbon, Cerium, Cesium, Chloride, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Fluorine, Gadolinium, Gallium, Germanium, Gold, Hafnium, Holmium, Indium, Iodine, Iridium, Iron, Lanthanum, Lithium, Lutetium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Neodymium, Niacin, Nickel, Niobium, Osmium, Palladium, Phosphorous, Platinum, Potassium, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rhodium, Rubidium, Ruthenium, Samarium, Scandium, Selenium, Silicon, Silver, Sodium, Strontium, Sulfur, Tantalum, Thallium, Thorium, Tellurium, Terbium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Zinc, Zirconium

Amino Acids: Alanine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Serinine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine
Amino Acids
When properly nourished, individual cells are capable of producing many of their own amino acids, enzymes and other factors necessary for all metabolic processes. Each cell burns its own energy, maintains itself, manufactures its own enzymes, creates its own proteins and duplicates itself.
It is essential to understand that the total metabolism of the body is the sum of the metabolic operations carried on in each individual cell.
Humans can produce all but eight amino acids within their cells. Fulvic Mineral Complex promotes the natural production of amino acids within the body.
Growth and Maintenance Nutrients
Scientists have identified at least 90 growth and maintenance nutrients which must be continuously supplied to sustain life. If we fail to supply adequate Fulvic nutrients, the cell will experience a breakdown. When the breakdown is substantial we have the onset of disease.
Today’s Epidemics of Disease
Headlines from Johns Hopkins, Reuters, the Associated Press and other medical news services continually discuss concern over the widespread and rapid increase of incurable infectious diseases, degenerative diseases, autoimmune and mental disorders. The incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, AIDS and a host of other illnesses are reported to be advancing in epidemic proportions.
Medical research from scientists, doctors and pharmacologists from around the world are showing that the humic extract, Fulvic, can prevent, treat and sometimes even reverse many diseases that are thought to be incurable.
Autoimmune Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders is a catch-all phrase that includes a number of diseases such as Graves Disease, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis. It is believed that the body attacks its own tissues and organs. Nutritionally oriented researchers feel the root cause is a virus.
In a recent issue of Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, doctors found that people with some autoimmune disorders have lower levels of common antioxidants in the blood. It is speculated that the naturally occurring antioxidants in these cases are being used to mop up damaging free radicals.
It is not clear whether the lower levels of antioxidants are the result of decreased intake, low absorption, or inadequate transport. An adequate supply of Fulvic would solve all of these conditions. Fulvic, when administered both topically and orally is proven to regulate the immune system and to work as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Serious diseases are sometimes 20 or 30 years in the making and may require lengthy and consistent treatment of this miracle molecule, as well as dietary changes, before a complete recovery is seen. However, it is important to remember that any disease can progress to a point-of-no-return where so much damage has been done to organs and cells that the condition cannot be reversed.
Thyroid Epidemic
A study by Dr. E. Chester Ridgeway, the University of Colorado’s chief endocrinologist, says that an estimated 13 million Americans may have undiagnosed thyroid problems. He states that even mild thyroid problems may cause serious consequences. Pregnant women with thyroid problems are in jeopardy of having children with lower IQ’s.
In many cases, natural therapies can prevent, treat and even reverse thyroid disease, including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease and Wilson’s Syndrome.
Symptoms of low thyroid could include; serious mental problems, depression, anxiety, seizures, ADD and ADHD, poor concentration, mental confusion, memory loss, cold hands and feet, low energy, difficult weight loss, migraine headaches, acne, low blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, lung cancer, susceptibility to infections due to low immunity, and female problems.
Thyroid malfunction is generally due to buildup of dangerous toxins, chlorinated substances, viruses, pathogens, infections, pesticides, altered enzymes or hormones in the tissues of the thyroid gland. A prime objective for anyone with a thyroid problem is to eliminate intake of all toxins, while removing toxic buildup within the body.
Fulvic is one of the safest and most powerful antiviral substances known. It could be called nature’s antibiotic. But unlike chemical antibiotics, Fulvic may be used indefinitely without creating antibiotic resistance strains of disease.
Diabetes and Fulvic
Dr. Paul Zimmet of the International Diabetes Institute and the World Health Organization reported that the prevalence of diabetes is expected to double or even triple by the year 2010.
Most medical doctors and diabetes associations do not know that scientists in remote parts of the world are making significant inroads into the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus with Fulvic extracts and herbs.
Dr. Bhattacharya from the Institute of Medical Sciences at Banaras Hindu University in India recognized that Fulvics produced significant success in preventing and combating free radical damage to pancreatic islet B cells, which is the widely accepted cause for diabetes mellitus. Dr. Bhattacharya’s clinical studies showed that Fulvic diminished the development and progression of diabetes, and assisted in the treatment. Studies showed that patients became more energetic and the tingling, painful feeling and numbness in nerve endings disappeared.
Tuberculosis Solutions
An obscure and highly technical U.S. Government report shows that there is a direct correlation between natural soil substances (humic and fulvic) and the absence of tuberculosis in humans. This report and many other studies reveal that Fulvic contains a powerful spectrum of natural micronutrients, phytochemicals, anti-viral and antibiotic–like agents that directly inhibit and destroy disease pathogens, while fortifying and regulating the immune system, increasing overall health.
A report from the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Mines, shows a direct correlation between coal miners that were exposed to humic substances and their complete absence of tuberculosis.
Studies show that cancer needs an acid pH to survive. Vital-Earth’s Fulvic Mineral Complex falls in a neutral to alkaline range of 7.0 to 7.8 pH. It has also been shown that cancer cells produce their own oxidants that send signals through protein pathways, bombarding surrounding cells uncontrollably with damaging free-radicals. Super antioxidants work to obstruct the signaling protein pathways, neutralizing the spread of cancer.
Fulvic is nature’s most powerful antioxidant. Studies throughout the world show that Humic / Fulvic molecules carry both a negative and a positive charge, making them both donor and acceptor free radical scavengers and antioxidants. Although Fulvic taken orally may not reverse an advanced case of cancer, it has the potential of slowing its growth and is a powerful preventative, especially if accompanied by an alkaline forming diet.
One pharmaceutical company has patented a humic based drug that purifies blood for transfusions, killing the HIV virus without damaging blood cells. The humic extract, Fulvic, has proven to be the most effective natural treatment against viruses of all kinds. Studies show that Fulvic is effective against common colds and flu viruses, including respiratory tract viruses, retroviruses, influenza viruses, and herpes simplex viruses.
Weight Loss
One side effect that many overweight people experience after taking Fulvic Mineral Complex on a regular basis is weight normalization / loss. Mineral deficient people and animals do not feel satisfied after eating a full meal. They eat larger quantities of food than most people, eat more meals, and snack excessively as their bodies are desperately searching for minerals. When adequate Fulvic Minerals are supplied, cravings diminish or go away, meals are not desired as often and smaller meals become the norm. As a result of these changes that occur naturally, it is common for overweight people to lose from 15 to 30 pounds in their first month or two without going on a specific diet. In following months the weight loss is less dramatic but steady. People of normal weight are unaffected.
Ancient Use
The use of Fulvic to treat disease has been documented back to the 15th century Ming Dynasty. In China, Humic and Fulvic was commonly used in hospitals and among the general population for the widespread treatment of diseases.
Since 1978, many medical schools and hospitals in China have engaged in extensive studies on the toxicology and pathological aspects of Humic and Fulvic and their clinical applications. Hundreds of research papers have now been published nationally in China … some having appeared in international journals.
Humic / Fulvic medicines are approved for internal and external use by the Chinese Drug Administration because of their non-toxicity. Hospitals in China reported that elderly patients regained appetite, slept better and became more energetic when given Fulvic on a regular basis.
Fulvic based products are being used in Germany for internal and external use for relief of rheumatism, and gastric disturbances in humans and animals. Studies of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers showed that 91% improved when treated with Fulvic.
Other studies coming from India show that Fulvic is considered to be a powerful anti-aging therapy that also helped with symptoms of dementia.
Longevity and Anti-Aging
There are 5 documented cultures across the world whose people routinely live healthy, disease free lives to the age of 120 to 140. These amazing people have several denominators in common; They all live at a very high elevation; the annual rainfall is less than 2 inches, there is no industry to pollute the air, water or food, only natural fertilizer is used on their crops, their water source is “Glacial Milk”, which is high in minerals and Fulvic, and Western allopathic medicine is not available to them.
We cannot duplicate many of the conditions that these remote cultures are blessed with, but we can do a lot to help ourselves by avoiding packaged grocery store foods that contain chemicals, additives, artificial colorings, hydrogenated oils, MSG, carbonation and refined sugar.
But perhaps most important of all is to supplement with the Fulvic minerals that these long living, healthy cultures have an abundance of. When the Fulvic intake is adequate, most people report having more natural energy, sleeping better, being able to ward off colds and the flu, and reversing diseases. Many report a natural strengthening of muscles, firming of connective tissue which results in diminished wrinkling of the skin.
DOK F Process does not use chemicals, acids, air extrusion, or heat in our extraction process. Only cold, pure, biodisc water is used to extract our Fulvic solution from the cinnamon bark That is evidenced in the high alkaline pH, the mild, natural taste and the clear golden color. Fulvic Acid Minerals provides a naturally occurring assortment of 68 to 74 minerals and trace elements, as well as 100% Fulvic in solution.
Some manufacturers use nitric, sulfuric, ammonium hydroxide and citric acids in the extraction process to decrease extraction time, increase profits, or manipulate the strength of the mineral content. This practice leaves a caustic, alum like after-taste and lowers the Ph of the product which then requires preservatives. But worst of all, these chemicals kill Fulvic, and it becomes necessary to add sweeteners and flavoring to mask the vile taste. \
Fulvic acid is involved in complex biochemical reactions in living plants and animals, which directly influence the very metabolic processes at the cellular level. To the science of living cells, fulvic acids are vital in bringing substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals into water solution and delivering their living energies to the living cells.
In terms of benefits to all living organisms, organic fulvic acids:
• Greatly enhance the bioavailability of important trace minerals.
• Regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in the cells.
• Modify the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals.
• Enhance the permeability of digestive, circulatory and cell membranes.
• Increase the metabolism of proteins contributing to RNA and DNA synthesis.
• Increase the activity of a multitude of enzymes.
Electrical stimulation in most cells is the equivalent of biological activity. The cells disintegrate when their electrical potential is reduced to zero. When the electrical potential is reduced, progressive weakness and illness may occur. A person’s electrical potential may be lowered by loss of blood or fluids, excessive emotional stress, accidents, lack of sleep, lingering infections, and an unbalanced diet.
Scientists theorize that electrical and chemical balances at the cellular level can be created and controlled by electrolytes. Perhaps the most effective known electrolyte found in nature is the powerful fulvic acid organic electrolyte that restores, regenerates, regulates and balances cellular life. When the cell is restored to its normal chemical balance, and thereby achieves its bio-electrical potential, life flourishes where sickness, weakness, disintegration and death would have resulted. This is the fulvic acid phenomenon.
Organic fulvic acid electrolytes contain and transport essential nutrients, essential and trace minerals in a highly charged bio-available form and serve as an outside electrical force. They charge, recharge and restore the potential that is or once was normal to the cell, and in doing so, balances and supercharges cellular life. The fulvic acid electrolytes act as a miniature battery charger, providing a small but constant charge of nutritional and mineral energy replacement. They create a natural balance for many life processes and help each cell perform at its maximum potential. Toxins and heavy metals are taken up by the fulvic acid electrolytes, to be carried away from the cell and discharged from the body.
As a transporter of energy-rich and bio-electrically charged nutrients and minerals, the fulvic acid electrolytes greatly increase the percentage rate of absorption through the digestive system of minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and herbs into the circulatory system. From there, they carry life force energetic compounds to and easily through the cell membrane, across the cytoplasm and directly to the nucleus of the cell.
At this point the Fulvic Acid electrolytes discharge electrical energy and their nutrient and mineral components. It is literally recharging and replacing exhausted or diminished components within the nucleus of the cell. The minerals and nutrient wastes are complexed and taken from the nucleus, then transported back across the cell for removal. Fulvic acid electrolytes act as a donor, and at other times as a receptor based on a cell’s requirement for balance. They also absorb both positive and negative electrical charges from free radicals in a process of neutralization.

A widely publicized report saying that as many as 98,000 people die each year in the United States from medical errors is conservative, and the number is probably much larger than that. The estimate by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) is low because it looked only at deaths of patients at hospitals. The Institute is a private, nonprofit organization that provides health policy advice under a congressional charter to the National Academy of Sciences.
Janet M. Corrigan is the IOM's director of health care services. The Institute is a private, nonprofit organization that provides health policy advice under a congressional charter to the National Academy of Sciences. She told reporters at a Capitol Hill briefing May 8 that the study did not look at medical-error deaths at nursing homes, emergency rooms or in doctors' offices. The mortality estimates are low also because most of the information was based on medical record reviews. Medical errors are a problem that has been hidden from the public for far to long.

Most Affordable Insurance Policy You’ll Ever Find… And it’s 100% NATURAL*
Many free radicals can damage your body’s cells because of stress, less-than-perfect diets, food additives, environmental pollutants, even your own body’s natural metabolic processes. Now you can fight off these harmful scavengers with a power-packed supplement I take regularly.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Learn More

Dr. Mercola's Comments:
Even worse than the original article (click here) reported, and the original study was bad enough.
Here are some other numbers to ponder:
Number of physicians in the US = 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year = 120,000
Accidental deaths per physician = 0.171
Number of gun owners in the US = 80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) = 1,500
Accidental deaths per gun owner = 0.0000188
Therefore, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

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76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health
Contributed by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D
Author of the book Lick The Sugar Habit
In addition to throwing off the body's homeostasis, excess sugar may result in a number of other significant consequences. The following is a listing of some of sugar's metabolic consequences from a variety of medical journals and other scientific publications.
1. Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease.1,2
2. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in your body: causes chromium and copper deficiencies and interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium. 3,4,5,6
3. Sugar can cause can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children.7,8
4. Sugar can produce a significant rise in total cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol and a decrease in good cholesterol.9,10,11,12
5. Sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function.13
6. Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate, rectum, pancreas, biliary tract, lung, gallbladder and stomach.14,15,16,17,18,19,20
7. Sugar can increase fasting levels of glucose and can cause reactive hypoglycemia.21,22
8. Sugar can weaken eyesight.23
9. Sugar can cause many problems with the gastrointestinal tract including: an acidic digestive tract, indigestion, malabsorption in patients with functional bowel disease, increased risk of Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis.24,25,26,27,28
10. Sugar can cause premature aging.29
11. Sugar can lead to alcoholism.30
12. Sugar can cause your saliva to become acidic, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.31,32,33
13. Sugar contributes to obesity.34
14. Sugar can cause autoimmune diseases such as: arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis.35,36,37
15. Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections)38
16. Sugar can cause gallstones.39
17. Sugar can cause appendicitis.40
18. Sugar can cause hemorrhoids.41
19. Sugar can cause varicose veins.42
20. Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses in oral contraceptive users.43
21. Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.44
22. Sugar can cause a decrease in your insulin sensitivity thereby causing an abnormally high insulin levels and eventually diabetes.45,46,47
23. Sugar can lower your Vitamin E levels.48
24. Sugar can increase your systolic blood pressure.49
25. Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children.50
26. High sugar intake increases advanced glycation end products (AGEs)(Sugar molecules attaching to and thereby damaging proteins in the body).51
27. Sugar can interfere with your absorption of protein.52
28. Sugar causes food allergies.53
29. Sugar can cause toxemia during pregnancy.54
30. Sugar can contribute to eczema in children.55
31. Sugar can cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.56,57
32. Sugar can impair the structure of your DNA.58
33. Sugar can change the structure of protein and cause a permanent alteration of the way the proteins act in your body.59,60
34. Sugar can make your skin age by changing the structure of collagen.61
35. Sugar can cause cataracts and nearsightedness.62,63
36. Sugar can cause emphysema.64
37. High sugar intake can impair the physiological homeostasis of many systems in your body.65
38. Sugar lowers the ability of enzymes to function.66
39. Sugar intake is higher in people with Parkinson's disease.67
40. Sugar can increase the size of your liver by making your liver cells divide and it can increase the amount of liver fat.68,69
41. Sugar can increase kidney size and produce pathological changes in the kidney such as the formation of kidney stones.70,71
42. Sugar can damage your pancreas.72
43. Sugar can increase your body's fluid retention.73
44. Sugar is enemy #1 of your bowel movement.74
45. Sugar can compromise the lining of your capillaries.75
46. Sugar can make your tendons more brittle.76
47. Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines.77
48. Sugar can reduce the learning capacity, adversely affect school children's grades and cause learning disorders.78,79
49. Sugar can cause an increase in delta, alpha, and theta brain waves which can alter your mind's ability to think clearly.80
50. Sugar can cause depression.81
51. Sugar can increase your risk of gout.82
52. Sugar can increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease.83
53. Sugar can cause hormonal imbalances such as: increasing estrogen in men, exacerbating PMS, and decreasing growth hormone.84,85,86,87
54. Sugar can lead to dizziness.88
55. Diets high in sugar will increase free radicals and oxidative stress.89
56. High sucrose diets of subjects with peripheral vascular disease significantly increases platelet adhesion.90
57. High sugar consumption of pregnant adolescents can lead to substantial decrease in gestation duration and is associated with a twofold increased risk for delivering a small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infant.91,92
58. Sugar is an addictive substance.93
59. Sugar can be intoxicating, similar to alcohol.94
60. Sugar given to premature babies can affect the amount of carbon dioxide they produce.95
61. Decrease in sugar intake can increase emotional stability.96
62. Your body changes sugar into 2 to 5 times more fat in the bloodstream than it does starch.97
63. The rapid absorption of sugar promotes excessive food intake in obese subjects.98
64. Sugar can worsen the symptoms of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).99
65. Sugar adversely affects urinary electrolyte composition.100
66. Sugar can slow down the ability of your adrenal glands to function.101
67. Sugar has the potential of inducing abnormal metabolic processes in a normal healthy individual and to promote chronic degenerative diseases.102
68. I.V.s (intravenous feedings) of sugar water can cut off oxygen to your brain.103
69. Sugar increases your risk of polio.104
70. High sugar intake can cause epileptic seizures.105
71. Sugar causes high blood pressure in obese people.106
72. In intensive care units: Limiting sugar saves lives.107
73. Sugar may induce cell death.108
74. In juvenile rehabilitation camps, when children were put on a low sugar diet, there was a 44 percent drop in antisocial behavior.109
75. Sugar dehydrates newborns.110
76. Sugar can cause gum disease.111

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What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal in capsule form is another formulation of do ked. A fine black carbon powder made from natural materials such as medicinal wood like “TUGAS” & other hard wood. Unlike the plain charcoal powder, activated charcoal capsule has highabsorption properties, meaning that it keeps certain substance from being absorbed in the body’s gastrointestinal tract.

Some research has shown that it may help in the reduction od LDL (bad) cholesterol, and the increase of HDL (good) cholesterol. It may also possibly lower the absorption of certain fatty acids and fatty alcohols and positively effect lipid levels.
Dok B Complex:
Dok B is another amazing product of do ked that combines all the vitamin B complex from the selected variety of cerials; scientifically process to maximize natural nutrients for health restorationeven from dreadd diabetes, colon problem, insomia, thyroid disorder, nervousness and othet mental disorder. One in a hot water. A miracle food substitute.

Vit.B1 (thiamine), Vit B2 (riboflavin), Vit.B3, Niacin from the oat bran and wheat bran.
SOYA “isoflones”-anti cancer / prevent and heal
OATS “high fiber” –improve bowel, best for slimming
GANISTENE –anti-aging / rejuvenator
LECITHIN –brain enhancer/memory
-cholesterol / blood clot remover
-cleanse / improve nerve function
WHEAT “trytophan” –produce good sleep, serotonin
MORE VITAMINS –B6, A, C, E, and K.
RICH IN MENIRALS –calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, chlorine, sulfur.
SUNFLOWER SEEDS “”linolic acids –convert to omega 3

Helps constipation, any cancer, menopausal complication in women, osteoporosis, pregnant women, nursing mother and growing children, anemia, asthma, hearth disease and high blood pressure.

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Drug Vaccine Deception
Medical Hoaxes Medical Cartel

[Here drug & vaccine use leads to death and disease--they then use that to promote vaccines. Chickenpox wasn't considered a killer in 1894, yet now kills due to immune destroying drugs like steroids--those deaths are used to sell the chickenpox vaccine. Likewise many measles deaths are due to steroids & chemotherapy. Likewise meningitis could be mostly down to drug use including vaccines, also polio (all polio is now due to vaccines). Polio & meningitis look to be man made diseases with the germs being made the scapegoat that sells the vaccines. Not forgetting AIDS came from a vaccine, then numbers were generated by drug use, and now an AIDS vaccine is in use. Similar with hepatitis, no germ proven the cause but they have a vaccine.]

"If you read the literature very carefully, you will find that, while there is a strong marker for the disease, there is no hard scientific evidence to support the existence of a hepatitis C virus. Clearly, a non-A, non-B hepatitis disease exists, but the science behind an associated virus is weak at best. As a scientist I am compelled to ask, how can we vaccinate people against a disease-causing agent that has not been fully characterized?"---Dr Urnovitz

"It became clear, also, what's happening in the field of hepatitis. They are not dealing with a virus. Of course, there's a possibility to enrich certain kinds of proteins in blood products, which then cause severe autoimmune reactions, but only in very stressed-out people, never in non-stressed people. When they learned to take out these proteins from the blood products, or dilute them, there are not hepatic problems anymore.....there's no such thing as infectious hepatitis (and no hepatitis viruses)."--Dr Lanka

"Meningitis is not a transmissible disease, we do not "catch" it from one another. My first lesson in vaccine propaganda is when I learned, back in the forties, that the "epidemics" of meningitis amongst military recruits were not epidemics but clusters, and the second thing I learned was that only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" meningitis. The mess sergeant didn't, the drill sergeant didn't, only the recruits did. Not even the girls who worked at the base exchanges and service clubs, with whom the recruits played kissy face "caught" meningitis - only the freshly vaccinated recruits "caught" it.......In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis "caught" by another member of a household and believe me when I say I really looked high and low for one of those. If I found one I would look for a source of the poisoning, not for a germ or a virus"---Daniel H Duffy Sr. DC also

"Every time you hear of the tragic death of an infant, carried off in the first weeks of life by ‘viral meningitis’, you have the right to suspect that BCG is at work, even if the autopsy confirms a viral diagnosis. My wife lived through this tragedy in a major Swiss hospital where she worked. The autopsy of the child revealed the tubercular nature of the ‘viral’ meningitis following a BCG inoculation, but all the assistants and nurses had received very clear instructions to say nothing or risk terrible consequences. As with all secret societies, the law of silence is absolute among doctors!"--Dr Jean Elmiger (Rediscovering Real Medicine ISBN 1862041997)

"Provocation polio. That is the truth about those outbreaks of polio. And I offer a well considered personal opinion that polio is a man made disease."—Viera Scheibner.

"Doctors have been told to be careful when using a common painkiller (Nurofen) when treating children with chickenpox - because of a link to a deadly flesh-eating disease."--Media

"The only cause of polio in the U.S. for the past 17 years has been the oral version of the vaccine itself, and though the Food and Drug Administration has finally recommended a reduction of the oral product's use, there are no plans to take it off the market. The twice-as-costly vaccine administered by injection does not cause polio."--Money Magazine (1996)

"About half the deaths from measles in the past were in children with illnesses like leukemia who could not be immunised because of the suppression of their immune system by disease or therapies such as anti-cancer drugs and steroids."--Paul Ince, Prof of neuropathology, Sheffield University

"In the towns with meningitis clusters, there were almost 50% more prescriptions for antibiotics and nine times more case of the killer disease than in the low-incidence" towns. One antibiotic drug, erythromycin, which is marketed under a variety of brand name and is used as a routine treatment for sore throats appeard with mysterious frequency or the prescriptions. It was being used up to four times more often in the towns with the serious meningitis problem than in the other towns."--Media 1996

"The germ theory of disease is such an incredibly stupid notion! It's like saying that flies cause manure piles and firemen cause fires. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why the doctors never "catch" all this stuff? In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis "caught" by another member of a household and believe me when I say I really looked high and low for one of those. If I found one I would look for a source of the poisoning, not for a germ or a virus. The authors are victims of the germ theory propaganda that has about 85% of the world's "educated" population under its control"--- Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr DC Geneva, Oh

Water Can Cure

Did You Know?
Water can prevent and alleviate many of our symptoms


People in third world countries sadly often only have access to water that is highly contaminated, and as a result, people die every day from the effects of diseases that target their digestive tracts. E.coli, salmonella, and other intestinal parasites, bacteria and viruses can overtake our stomach and other connected organs necessary for digestion.

While our water in our civilized country is regulated, we still have to protect ourselves. Contaminated water supplies are responsible for stomach problems, from small upsets to severe disorders. But, making sure water is filtered within the home as an added safety measure can prevent that. A few contaminants to watch out for are lead, mercury, copper, arsenic, atrazine and cadmium. These can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other stomach problems. Most times if water contaminates are found in a local water supply, it is public knowledge, and there will be a boiling alert put out by the local water companies until the problem is under control. Of course, this does not happen all too often and for the most part our water is safe. Still, extra measure can be taken: a small price to pay in exchange a feeling of discomfort.

But, while contaminated water may be the cause of stomach problems, safe drinking water can be a cure for others!

There are many ailments that can arise within and around the stomach, nausea, diarrhea, gas, constipation and heartburn being a few. Drinking water can be of help in several of those cases, and even aid in their prevention. Diarrhea, watery stool, can cause severe dehydration, so it is important to maintain body fluid if suffering from that. On the flipside, constipation can also use water to help break down the otherwise dry stool. (This subject can be read about in more depth on another section of this site.) Since vomiting and diarrhea go hand in hand with the nausea feeling, this ailment also contributes greatly to dehydration. Replacing fluids while nauseated is very important. Heartburn has also been said to be caused by lack of water, as water could have aided in neutralizing the acid (pH level) that caused the burning sensation.

Water is also a necessary element to just plain make sure our digestive tract works properly, which is sure to prevent stomach problems from occurring in the first place. Drinking water at mealtime aids in the digestive process, as it helps move the food through the system. More importantly, the solid food we eat cannot be properly digested if it is not broken down. This is where water comes into play, once again. Water than acts as the transportation system to bring the nutrients found in foods to where they are needed within the body during digestion. And, it also helps moved the waste product through the rest of the digestive tract, and ultimately out of our bodies. Remember that lots of acids are found within the stomach that mix with the water to break down our foods, so plenty of water will help keep things balanced


Constipation is a gastro-intestinal symptom that occurs when bowel movements are made less often, and stool is harder, making it difficult to pass. Most people at some point in their lives will experience constipation. In most cases, constipation is only temporary and not serious. Understanding its causes, prevention, and treatment will help most people find relief.

There are two types of constipation, one being more severe than the other. Slow transit constipation is the most common form. Lack of fiber and inadequate water in the diet are common causes of slow transit constipation. One of the major symptoms of this type is dehydration. The other method, outlet delay, has to do more with loss of function in the pelvic area, and occur morex in senior citizens.

How do we get constipated? Well, food flows through the small intestine as a liquid mixture of digestive juices and the food you eat. By the time it reaches the large intestine, all the nutrients have been absorbed. The large intestine has one main function: to absorb water from the waste liquid, and turn it into a waste solid, known as the stool. The hard and dry stools of constipation occur when the colon absorbs too much water, or if the colon's muscle contractions are too slow or sluggish, which results in the stool moving through the colon at too slow a pace. These hard, dry stools are difficult to pass, as they cause strain. The reason they are difficult to pass is that the hard, dry stool actually sticks to the dry wall of the colon and requires that the colon develop high-pressure waves to be moved. Since the body needs help to remove the stool, strain is then placed on the abdominal muscles to contribute the necessary force to push out the stool. This straining can have negative effects to the body, such as the development of hernias, varicose veins, hiatus hernia (upward pressure forcing the stomach into the chest), diverticulitis and diverticulosis (weakening and infection of the colon wall), hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulae. Colorectal cancers may also be more common in patients with lifelong habit constipation. Doesn't sound pretty does it?

There are ways to prevent this. Liquids, like water and juice, add fluid to the colon and bulk to stools, making bowel movements softer and easier to pass. Because the colon needs water to do its job, dehydration can be a major cause of constipation.

Since many constipation sufferers are dehydrated, a major way of preventing this uncomfortable disorder is to drink an extra two to four glasses of water per day. That is on top of the recommended 8-10. Along with that, alcoholic and caffienated beverages should be avoided. However, water may not be able to do it totally alone. Fluids will not promote normal bowel function on their own, as the small intestine can also absorb of this fluid. It is best to combine a high fluid intake with a high dietary fiber, otherwise, people will just urinate more.

Constipation could also be caused by other disorders, which also stem from dehydration, such as uremia, a kidney disorder. Chronic constipation can also lead to more severe gastro-intestinal disorders if left untreated, such as colorectal cancer, as noted above.

Stay hydrated, and the food you eat will move through your systems much more smooth, resulting in comfortable bathroom breaks.Â


The number one killer in America is heart disease. And, two huge health risks that can lead to serious heart conditions are high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But, these can be prevented.

Let's start with high cholesterol. The American Heart Association says that one in five American's have too high a cholesterol level. But first, just what is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance called a lipid that is found inside cells and blood. It is produced naturally in the liver, but some of the "bad" cholesterol comes from the food we eat, mainly in animal fats. While too much cholesterol can be harmful, a certain amount is necessary for bodily functions, such as making cell walls and acting as a building block to produce various hormones, bile acids, and Vitamin D.

Having too much cholesterol can block blood flow, resulting in a thickening and hardening of artery walls, a disorder called arteriosclerosis. Since this also narrows the arteries, blood flow can be slowed down, or even blocked. With less blood, the heart therefore gets less oxygen. That can result in chest pain, heart attack, or something as drastic as death. Lowering your blood cholesterol level is one of the best ways you can decrease your risk of heart disease. And, even if your cholesterol is close to the desirable range, 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood, you can lower it and reduce your risk of heart disease.

With all this thickening going on, water can play a very important role. Drinking water can actually thin the blood, making in a natural way to help the blood pump more smoothly. Drinking plenty of water will keep your blood ways clean! Since exercise, along with a healthy diet, is an important contribution to the lowering of cholesterol, once again, water needs to be drank in order to replenish what was lost. In fact, consumption of water so you are fully hydrated can increase your metabolic rate!

Let's move on to high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Blood pressure refers to the force of blood pushing against artery walls as it makes it way through the body. Just like air in a tire, blood fills arteries to a certain capacity, and anything over that capacity can have damaging effects. (Ever have too much pressure in your tires?) Just like high cholesterol, high blood pressure can threaten healthy arteries and lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and stroke. And what's scary is that there are not any real symptoms until, which is why high blood pressure is known as the silent killer.

Hypertension can be combated in many ways, such as quitting smoking, drinking alcohol or overweight. Water can also help lower this pressure, as blood is mainly comprised of water. If water levels drop, that can affect your blood pressure. So, drinking the healthy amount of water each say can maintain a healthy heart. Also, the kidneys clean the blood. If blood flow is limited to the kidneys because of lack of water or high blood pressure, it will think the body is low on water, and react by telling the brain to constrict veins and arteries, which will make pressure even higher.

Heart disease is a serious issue in America today, with two of the top causes being high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Drinking enough water can combat both of these.

Water and Headaches

When one starts to get the tightening sensation in the head, it's so, so easy to reach for a bottle of pain medication. But, many over the counter drugs have side effects that could even be worse than the headache itself! One of the major causes for headaches is dehydration.

To treat your headache naturally with water, it is a good idea to first find out what type of headache you have. First, there are chronic tension headaches that can result from stress overload, fatigue and even from physical problems, psychological and emotional issues and depression. Then, there are cluster headaches, which are categorized by coming in groups of one to four a day in a set cluster periods that could be days or months. Hormonal headaches are similar to migraines in that they affect only one side of the head, and they are also frequently accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and/or noise. Finally, there are sinus headaches, which can be experienced after a cold or other medical condition.

Water can aid as a treatment to all of these headaches. In tension headaches, it was noted above that a cause can be fatigue. Fatigue is a side effect of dehydration. So, if dehydration is the cause of the fatigue and fatigue is the cause of the headache- start by treating the fatigue and get hydrated. Tension headaches could also be a symptom of other problems, so if they persist it is a good idea to seek help from a medical professional.

Cluster headaches are also known to be cured by drinking water. A woman by the name of Margi contributed a piece of advice at, reporting that her husband's headaches have not come back since he started drinking a glass of water at least every hour. Additionally, the hot water from a nice, warm shower or bath can help relax those tightened muscles.

As far as preventing headaches, staying hydrated can help. In fact, a very common form of headache can come in the form of caffeine withdraw. Of course, having a coffee or soda can give the body what it wants and help ease the headache pain, but it could also begin a vicious cycle. Since caffeine dehydrates, the headache prone may be better off avoiding it and instead drink more water, juices and decaf teas, coffees and sodas.

In essence, when dealing with headaches the pain can be relieved from water on the inside and out.

Water and Menopause

For women, menopause is a fact of life. "The change" usually comes upon entering the fourth or fifth decade of life, but really varies from woman to woman. In layman's terms, this is the time when women make the transition from the child-bearing years to a time when the ovaries stop functioning. So, periods end. Some women would shout "Hooray!" at hearing that. Despite that being a good thing- as many women suffer from PMS (see related article), there are also negative side effects that come from menopause.

One of the most common symptoms of menopause is hot flashes-- over 75% of menopausal women get them. They can hit anytime, and even at in mid-sleep, often accompanied by night sweats. They can be minor of they can be harsh and affect daily activity. These hot flashes can last from seconds to several minutes and even an hour. They begin in the chest; then the warmness then goes to the head. They can cause headaches, dizziness and even nausea. Chills and vomiting can also occur. Water can come to the rescue of this uncomfortable condition. Drinking at least eight glasses of water per day can reduce the onset of hot flashes. At the onset of a flash, drinking cool water can help. Since most hot flashes occur at night, it is a good idea to keep a jug of water by the bed. Also, splashing the face with cool water will also alleviate the discomfort.

There are also many types of foods and drinks to avoid- and healthy options as replacement. Carbonated beverages are a big no-no, as they can aid in bloating. Drinking water then not only can help hot flashes, but also with other symptoms. Anything hot is also said to be avoided.

Dry skin is something else that is cause by menopause. Being hydrated from the inside out can aid in moisturizing the skin, often dry because of medications. Of course, moisturizers will also help skin be soft and help get that glow back. A tip is to keep apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp. And, oil in your diet, believe it or not, can help keep skin moist too.

Those at menopause age are more prone to osteoporosis (see related article). Also, women who are malnourished are more likely to hit menopause earlier.

Drinking Water is the Best Cure for Fever

Fever is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of many ailments. And, there are many side effects of a fever, like dehydration, that can cause even more damage.

When one has a fever, despite the discomfort, it is a good thing- it means the body is fighting off an illness or infection. The normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees, although children often have higher temps than adults. Most people can tolerate a fever of 103-degrees for a short period of time. Most fevers will last three to four days. However, if there are other symptoms along with the fever, it could mean something else. When one has a fever, they may feel tired, have lower energy and may not eat as much. Symptoms include sweating, chills, muscle aches and shivering.

Contrary to what you may think, it is not recommended that you try to cool off when experiencing a fever. This is because the body's raised temperature is trying to fight off bacteria that thrive in a cool environment. Think about all the times you weren't sure if a meat you were preparing was removed of all bacteria when you said to yourself, "I'll die when I cook it." Similar concept. However, if you truly want to cool down and get a little more comfortable, the best think to do while inflicted with a fever is to take a lukewarm shower. It is okay to raise the temperature a little until you are comfortable. It is not recommended to use ice to cool the body! Also, wearing light and airy clothes will help you remain comfortable.

The most important thing though is to keep body fluids flowing. Like in heat exhaustion and heat stroke and other similar ailments, when the body temperature goes up, the more fluid it uses. So, although inactive and lying in bed, one can still become dehydrated with a fever. To prevent dehydration during a fever, body fluids need to be replenished. The average adult should drink about 10 glasses of water per day, more than the usual average. Children should strive for 6-10 per day. If your fever is the cause of another illness, such as the cold or the flu, water is equally important in flushing out the body of the "bug" that is causing the illness.

Many doctors will argue that treating fevers gets in the way of the body's natural course of protecting itself. In fact, for those with fevers at or under 102-degrees, it is not recommended to take any medication. For fevers above this, acetaminophen and ibuprofen for adults and children are okay, and aspirin for adults only.